the LORD's Prayer

the 'our Father' or the Pater Noster, or LORD's Prayer is probably the best known prayer worldwide. it is the prayer many have heard at their first communion, had sung at their wedding, or recited at their beloved ones funeral. it is the prayer Jesus gave His followers as the model for which we are to pray...not just the words, but the heart and posture symbolized within the words.

one of our crossing songwriters, aaron krause, wrote and recorded a fantastic version of 'the LORD's Prayer' which closed our Unfrozen Series. he has graciously agreed to make this recording available to you for FREE! you can download the song HERE

thanks to Aaron for allowing God to inspire him and for sharing his gift with all of us.

truly, this a beautiful song, and i hope it can be energizing for you. may your conversations with God become more and more unfrozen. amen.

and if you're looking for what the original version sounds like, check out this cute little 2 year old version. ah, parents exploiting their kids on cute :-)

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