The Next John Mayer?

Every weekend i feel more and more humbled and privileged to be a part of what is going on at Windsor Crossing. If you haven't visited with us recently you're missing out. Besides the weekend services there are all kinds of things going on around this place, like the Loft shows on friday nights once a month. What's happening here is truly out-of-the-ordinary. But I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less when i started my journey. Here's a video of some of the students from Windsor covering Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing. My jaw was already wide open when the song began, but then 2 min and 45 seconds in i think it may have touched the ground. See for yourself.

(bass player -12 yrs old, drummer - 13 yrs old, el. guitar - 14 yrs old)

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Andy said...

oh my... i'm speechless... does he give guitar lessons?! hehe.