time, life & loss

"time is like a fortune when we take it..."  needtobreathe from the song 'tyrant kings'

okay, this is not a morbid blog--i promise! you see, i've been looking at a website called "the death clock," which uses you BMI and birthdate to guesstimate the date of your eventual death. i know, i know, stick with me, i promise this isn't that.

i love the quote above because it calls us to consider how we are spending our time--are we letting it waste away or are we receiving it as a treasure entrusted to us. every second counts, and every day is an opportunity to become aware of how precious life is.

unfortunately, sometimes we can't seem to really grasp this concept until we've experienced great loss. in losing life, we seem to finally understand how fragile we are and how valuable each breath is. that doesn't exactly mean you or someone you love has to transpire before you allow your approach to life to change...but it does mean that there are all kinds of ways we use our time that may ultimately be a waste because they take the place of us using our time in some way that would maximize life!!
(disclaimer: i realize 'wasting time' isn't always a bad thing, and can be exactly what is called for, so if that's where you are today soak up the rest and let life come to you).

question: what are you doing today that is a waste of time? maybe it's even a good thing, but it's taking the place of the GREAT thing you know in your heart would energize your spirit and bring life to this day...cause here's the truth, we don't need a deathclock to motivate us, we can chose to live differently today simply by spending our time as if it were a fortune. we don't have to be rudely awaken by loss in order to seize the day, we just need to be reminded that life is good and short, and we've been given a gift. my hope for myself today is that i would use time wisely, and that's my prayer for you too.

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